Thomas Schaller, AWS NWS TWSA, Workshop 2020

The Saint Louis Watercolor Society
is pleased to offer a Thomas Schaller Workshop

“The Architecture of Light”

Monday, March 30th – Friday, April 3rd, 2020       

Cost:  $550 Members and $595 Non-Members

The workshop is held at the Maria Center on the campus of Notre Dame High School, 336 East Ripa Ave, Saint Louis, MO  63125.

This five-day workshop is for all skill levels.  Award-winning watercolorist Thomas Schaller advises, “Try not to paint the scenes and objects in front of you. But rather, try to paint the light that illuminates and gives them identity.”

During this workshop Schaller will explore both the genesis and the completion of paintings that are strong, clear, communicative, and that speak with your own authentic artistic voice. Among the topics to be introduced are Intent/Inspiration, Composition/Design, Value Design—Establishing Depth by using Three Basic Values, Perspective Construction, Color Theory—Working with Complements, Architecture—How to Simplify the Paintings of the Built Environment, Atmospheres—Skies/Water/Reflections/Landscape Elements, The Human Figure, and How to Know When You are Finished.

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