Robin St. Louis – 2018

Robin St. Louis

The Saint Louis Watercolor Society is pleased to offer a Robin St. Louis Workshop, Friday, October 19 through Sunday, October 21, 2018, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Maria Center on the campus of Notre Dame High School, 336 East Ripa Avenue, Saint Louis, MO  63125.

Fee:  $250 for members, $285 for non-members.

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This will be a three day workshop for all skill levels.  “I like to start my working relationship with my students by email a month or so in advance of the workshop.  When painting from photographs, I think that choosing an exciting photograph to begin with and then (usually) altering it in Photoshop to increase the contrast and saturation, makes a huge difference in the excitement with which one begins and also in the quality of the finished painting.  I encourage each student to send me a few photographs that they are considering painting and we have an email dialogue about which of their photos would probably yield the best painting, and why.   I do at least one demo each day.  Topics include mixing strong darks, painting by wetting an area and dropping color in, painting skin tones and fabrics, and using dynamic color. My students tend to laugh a lot and seem to enjoy the atmosphere in the workshops.  They also comment that they feel the workshop makes them “braver” about working larger, trying more unusual and dynamic compositions, and getting juicy color and strong contrast in their paintings.”

Excerpts from Robin St. Louis’ website:

Artist’s Statement

I paint the figure using controlled wet-in-wet washes in a large format.  I use a very limited palette and put down an arbitrary first layer, then paint the subject on top of that. Ideally, the first layer provides surprises, challenges, and movement under the transparent painting of the subject.

My work has been featured in the following magazines:  International Artist, Watermedia Focus, The Palette, Watercolor and Watercolor Highlights.  I am fortunate that my paintings have won awards in many national exhibitions, and I am a Signature Member of Watercolor West, the National Watercolor Society, the San Diego Watercolor Society and the Northwest Watercolor Society.

I recently retired from twelve years on the board of Watercolor West, where I held many jobs, including Exhibition Chair and President.

I live in Palm Desert, California, and I am available upon request for judging, demonstrations and workshops.