Our Congratulations!

Our congratulations go out to the following STLWS members who were accepted in the Southern Watercolor Society 47th Annual Juried Exhibition 2024, by Lynn D. Pratt, Juror.  The show runs from June 7 – 29 at the Panama Center for the Arts in Panama City, FL.

Marilynne Bradley  Pier Pressure

“Pier Pressure” by Marilynne Bradley

Alicia Farris  Pondering the “Why”

“Pondering the ‘Why'”
by Alicia Farris

Janine Helton  Musing

“Musing” by Janine Helton

Steven Morris  Avian Condominium

“Avian Condominium” by Steven Morris

News from Alicia Farris

Spring rebirth, beauty in the world AND exciting things on the horizon!

“Yellow Hibiscus” by Alicia Farris
“Silence in the Shadows” by Alicia Farris

When we live and love art, we see the world through a unique lens, always able to see wonder and beauty in today, tomorrow and beyond. I hope your 2024 has gotten off to a wondrous and beautiful start.

Spring is my favorite time of year and though beautiful days distract me from being in my studio, I feel I am constantly gathering material and inspiration. Excited to be out soon with the local plein air group for weekly outings as often as possible.

It has been a busy year for me, teaching workshops throughout the country. I am simply amazed at the spectacular people I meet along the road but then, I believe art brings out the best in people so that should not come as a surprise.

If you are local, please note on my website events schedule that I have two workshops on the calendar for Springfield, MO:

May 24 – Adventures of Painting Watercolor on Yupo
October 3-4 – Expressive Watercolor Painting: Figures in the Landscape

If you are interested in either of those, you will see full details and instructions to contact me to register on the respective “Events and Workshops” pages.

Coming up in August, FEATURES, FIGURES AND FACES in Watercolor at the Illustrious Cheap Joe’s facility in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. It has long been a fabulous place to both teach and to take workshops in a state-of-the-art spacious studio, with the best of technology, lunches provided, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, and even daily merchandise samples from the good people of Cheap Joe’s. Registration can be done online through Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff.

I am working on my 2025 schedule so stay tuned but here’s the very very very exciting news…

A bucket list item for me and hopefully still for many of my students, an incredible European painting holiday in PROVENCE!! Please read about this workshop/holiday that I’ll be teaching that will take place in September of 2025. Everything about the hosting company, French Escapade is top notch and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I’d love to tell you more about it if you’re interested and/or the link to the workshop with much more information is https://frenchescapade.com/alicia-farris-provence/#1479274917182-1a1554f3-9658

“Resting” by Alicia Farris

Finally, thank you again for traveling this journey with me in whatever capacity you are doing so. It means the world to me and I hope you too are gaining joy in seeing beauty in the world today, tomorrow and far beyond!



Alicia Farris Fine Art
4650 S. National Ste. C-5
Springfield, Mo 65810

Mary Dee Schmidt’s Upcoming Plein Air Classes at Innsbrook

Plein Air Art Class: Stables 

April 17th 9:30am-12pm


Plein Air Art Class: Tyrol Pool

May 22nd  9:30am-12pm


Plein Air Art Class: Commons

June 26th   9:30am-12pm


Plein Air Art Class: Chalet 

July 31st  9:30am-12pm


Plein Air Art Class: Harmony Church 

October 16th   9:30am-12pm


Hope you  can join me.

Mary Dee Schmidt

Our Congratulations!

Alicia Farris’ painting Emergence and Janine Helton’s painting Careful were selected for inclusion in the 56th Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition 2024 by Juror Kenneth Call.  The exhibition runs from July 6th, with the Opening Reception, to August 2 at the Coastline College Art Gallery, Newport Beach, California.


“Emergence” by Alicia Farris


“Careful” by Janine Helton