Artists trading their brushes in for their sewing machines.

We know so many of you are sewing masks instead of painting which is such a blessing for those in need. Shirley Nachtrieb shared the following article to appear in the next St. Peters Up-Front Newsletter: St. Peters Teacher Trades in Brushes Shirley Nachtrieb Shirley Nachtrieb at her sewing machine Since the SPCAC closed itsContinue reading “Artists trading their brushes in for their sewing machines.”

Our Congratulations Go Out to Alicia Farris

Alicia Farris was nominated as one of two Missouri Watercolor Society artists to exhibit in the 2020 National Watercolor Society Signature Member 50 Stars Exhibition.  Two works from each state watercolor society will be represented in the California exhibit that takes place online this year, July 9 – September 6 2020.  Alicia’s work is titled, MeetingContinue reading “Our Congratulations Go Out to Alicia Farris”

Our Congratulations Go Out to Marilynne Bradley and Annette McGarrahan

We just learned that Marilynne Bradley’s painting Me Too, and Annette McGarrahan’s painting Overflow were accepted into the Watercolor USA 2020 exhibition, judged by Misa Jeffereis, to run from June 6 to August 16, 2020 at the Weisel and Kelly Galleries, 1111 East Brookside Drive, Springfield, MO. Here is Annette McGarrahan’s painting, Overflow.