Members of the Board


Mirka Fetté

"Painting with watercolor gives me joy because of its transparency and because each painting is an adventure. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be involved with this organization because it is a friendly and nurturing environment where ideas are shared so we can grow as artists."

Santa Cruz by M Edler

Molly Edler
VP Programs

James Brauer, Red Burst

James Brauer

“When I see how nature’s forms are so varied in shape and color, they encourage me to look closely, identify their secrets, and try to translate them to a watercolor medium. While there is imitation of what I see, there is also clarification, simplification, and interpretation—but not so much that it loses the sense of a Creator’s hand at work. The Saint Louis Watercolor Society’s meetings and workshops have helped me greatly in pursuing my hobby with some wonderfully encouraging people.”

Jane Hogg
Secretary / Website

"Watercolor has become my medium of choice because of its delicacy, glow and flow. My affiliation with the Saint Louis Watercolor Society has allowed me to grow as an artist with all I have learned through their workshops, meetings, and knowledge so freely shared by their members. Being a part of this wonderful organization is very rewarding"

Carolyn Cleveland

Carla Giller

"I have been painting for three years now. There is no doubt that my involvement with the STLWS has advanced my painting skills. Not only have the workshops been wonderful, but I have made new friendships that have enriched my life. Knowledge is freely shared within this community of painters. The monthly meetings are always interesting as well. All I can say is my painting changed for the better when I joined the STLWS! I’m proud to now be a member of the Board."

Françoise Olivier
Graphics & Design

"I have practiced watercolor for more than three years and it has steadily become a passion for me as I feel it brings positive emotions of all kinds. Becoming a member of the STLWS has been more than helpful as the monthly meetings and workshops permitted me to meet very nice people and great painters. I also started experiencing the Plein Air Painting which I enjoy a lot. Being a new member of the Board is an honor and I look forward to being more involved in the society."

Judy Grewe
Hospitality / Membership

Florine Porter

Julie Bantle

Mary Berry Friedman