STLWS Picnic at Tilles Park

The Saint Louis Watercolor Society held a picnic at Tilles Park for their July membership meeting on July 19th, in the Windegger Pavilion. This was our first picnic and was well attended and enjoyed by everyone.

Norma Vincent gave a demo on Quick Sketching to start the meeting with Mary Dee Schmidt volunteering to be her model overlooking the pond.  Quick sketching is a way to capture a scene and work out the details when plein air painting.  Norma found it to be more helpful to her than doing value studies.  She sketches the scene in with pencil, then traces over it with a thin marker, and finally adds color with watercolor to work out the values.

After the demo the group had time to do some quick sketches and/or plein air painting. Here are some of the things members did during that time.

After painting everyone enjoyed the complimentary lunch featuring Sugar Fire shredded BBQ pork and turkey, with sides of potato salad, baked beans, and cupcakes.

We thank Liz Schaeffer for suggesting and planning this event.  She did a great job arranging everything, thinking up the games, and bringing all the food and fixings to the event.  She has been a wonderful Programs Chair, always finding interesting guest artists for our meetings and making our retreats so much fun.  Liz, we will miss you in this capacity, but hope to see you at our events.



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