STLWS Volunteers Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning!  Several volunteers from our membership spent a few days cleaning out the closet at the First Congregational Church of Webster Groves UCC where STLWS membership meetings are held.  Special thanks go to Liz Schaeffer, who coordinated the effort and brought a shelving unit for installation.  Deb Dey, Julie Bantle, Liz Schaeffer and Mirka Fetté reviewed and downsized the contents of the closet.  John Bantle (Julie’s husband) assisted with the shelving unit set up and anchoring it to the wall.  Several items were discovered that will be used as door prizes at future STLWS meetings.  So come to the STLWS Membership Meeting April 20, and see the newly organized closet, and enjoy Keith Baizer from Artmart talk about the latest art supplies.

Here are some photos shared with us of the volunteers and their hard work organizing our materials and supplies.

The “Before” picture after the initial purge.

John Bantle assembling the shelving unit.

Julie and John Bantle and Deb Dey, showing off the results.

Julie and John Bantle with Liz Schaeffer who brain stormed the plan and saw it through.

The final results!  And what a difference their efforts made. If you ever saw our closet before the volunteers worked it over you would be doubly impressed.  Now with everything labeled and organized on shelves we will be able to find all our things without having to unload precarious stacks of unmarked stuff.

Again, we thank our volunteers for all their hard work on this important project.



2 thoughts on “STLWS Volunteers Do Some Spring Cleaning

  1. That was a major undertaking! Thank you Liz for spearheading this big project and seeing it through; and thank you to Deb, Julie, John and Mirka for working on this as well. This needed to be done to help those who volunteer with STLWS. I appreciate your hard word. Thank you.

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