Saint Louis Watercolor Society’s 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition Announcement

The STLWS 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition will be held April 9 – May 7, 2022, at Norton’s Fine Art & Framing gallery, 2025 S. Big Bend Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63117.  Daily gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We thank all our 77 talented STLWS members who submitted 133 works to our 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition. So many beautiful works. Congratulations to all whose 76 paintings were chosen by our honored Juror, Yuki Hall, TWSA, OWS, WPA.

Judging for awards will be done by Yuki Hall at the gallery on April 4th (closed to the public) and an announcement will be posted on website after the Awards Ceremony, open only to Award Winners and new Signature members, on April 8, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. at the gallery.

We thank Yuki Hall for serving as our Juror, and share her Juror’s Statement on the show below:

“I am honored and humbled to be asked to judge this year’s Juried Exhibition for the St. Louis Watercolor Society. The quality of work submitted was astonishing. By viewing through the images of paintings of so many talented artists, I was reminded of the gravity of the responsibility of judging a show with such a high level of competence. At the same time, I was deeply affected by the aspirations of all the submitting artists. It truly was a joy for me to be a part of this exhibition.

Although judging an art exhibition is a highly subjective process, my decision making is always guided by several criteria. First, I look for the artist’s ability to utilize the elements and principles of design. Did the artist use shape, values, color and edge quality effectively to create a powerful and yet pleasing composition?. Is the composition visually balanced? Does the composition lead the viewer’s eyes into the artwork? Secondly, I evaluate the technical craftsmanship. Is the artist capable of fully utilizing the unique characteristics inherit in the watercolor medium? Third, I assess the originality. Does the artist have an ability to elicit unique and compelling elements out of subject matter that is quite ordinary otherwise? Lastly, I bow to an artwork that exhibits the artist’s emotional connection to the content of the work, with an infectious power that also affects me emotionally.

Congratulations to all the artists whose talent and vision became a part of this wonderful exhibition. If your work did not get included, please do not get discouraged. We have all been there. Let’s keep painting!

I would like to again thank the St. Louis Watercolor Society for trusting and honoring me to take on this important task.”

The accepted paintings are listed below (artists to bring their paintings to Norton’s Fine Art & Framing gallery on Apr 2, between 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.):

Nancy Avdoian The Butterfly Effect
Julie Bantle Heron at Dawn
Julie Bantle Rescued
Mildred Bernardo Avocado Vase
Marilynne Bradley Crowded Cove
Marilynne Bradley Dimensional Web of Steel
James Brauer Sundrenched Hibiscus
Maureen Brodsky Fashion
Maureen Brodsky Snow
Claudia Broom It’s a Secret!
Diane Carder The Happy Bride
Carolyn Cleveland Nap Time
Carolyn Cleveland On the Prowl
Christina Collier Hollyhocks in My Garden
Christina Collier Little Nikki
William Curtis Nigerian Clinic
William Curtis Nigerian Marketplace
Michelle Davis Les Papillons
Janet Doll and Eye of Newt
Janet Doll Louie
Lisa Douglas Rainbow Bottles
Kathy Dowd Forest Park’s Nathan Frank Bandstand
Mary Drastal Do You Hear What I Hear?
Alicia Farris Contemplation
Chris Flesor Spicy!
Chris Flesor Spring Triplets
Gretchen Gackstatter The Dance
Ward Gillespie Garden of Eden Kauai
Crystal Goldkamp Blossoms
Crystal Goldkamp Florida
Linda Green-Metzler Old Ways at Faust Park
Janine Helton Great Blue Heron: Study in Blues
Janine Helton Little Red Headed Boy
Kathrin Jackson Blooming Bella
Fran Kempin Montowese, A Beautiful Place
Fran Kempin My Passion
Gerry Klein Snowy Walk in the Woods
Gerry Klein Sunrise Breakfast
Rebecca Krutsinger Shedding Winter
Rebecca Krutsinger Thinking Out Loud
Terry Lay Persians
Terry Lay Schoodic Evening
Patricia Long Music Flowing
Patricia Long Notes Skipping
Jo Rezny McCredie Dawn
Jo Rezny McCredie Medussa
Annette McGarrahan Garden Walk
Annette McGarrahan Evening Glow
Linda Meyer Guest of Soup Kitchen
Linda Meyer Orchids in Bloom
Dianna Miller Little Yellow Car
Shirley Nachtrieb Archives
Shirley Nachtrieb House on Second Street
Gib Palangsuptawi Castles in the Sand
Gib Palangsuptawi The Shrimp Fleet
Karen Papin White Lotus
Karen Papin Zion’s Backyard
Susan Pisoni Samson in Blue
Susan Pisoni Smart Dressed Man
Florine Porter After the Ride
Mary Riney All Saints Church First Communion
Mary Riney Colorado Waterfalls
Karen Romani Glowing from Within
Karen Romani Tulip 1
Dana Rothberg Prickly Pear
Angella Russell Leia’s Apples
Nora Schomogy New Life
Barbara Martin Smith Magnolia Magic
Marty Spears Floral Fantasy
Patty Strubinger Dahlia Mystery Day
Patty Strubinger Tall Bearded White Purple Iris
Lee Walter Full of Hot Air
James Willmore Women’s Peleton
Linda Wilmes Kennedy
Linda Wilmes New York City Night Lights II
Elizabeth Young Hippity Hoppity

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