Carol Carter Demonstration May 19, 2021

Today Saint Louis Watercolor Society members enjoyed Carol Carter’s painting demonstration of a Datura flower in Forest Park. It was a very informative presentation, and gave everyone a chance to see a master at work.  Visit Carol’s website for more information on her artwork and workshops.  Her studio is open by appointment.  Here are some photos from the event:

Pavilion 11 in Forest Park

Carol shared some of her paintings with us while she allowed the paint to dry on her demonstration before proceeding with her final passages.

Painting of Balloons by Carol Carter

We thank Carol for sharing her knowledge and techniques, learned through years of watercolor painting. She encouraged us to paint what inspires us, act on our own ideas rather than what the market wants, and to let go of paintings that are not working out and start anew.  She also reminded us not to be held hostage to our reference material.  Put the time in painting to improve your skills and measure your progress from year to year.

Watch for the write up of the demonstration in our August newsletter.


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