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Missouri Artist, Janine Helton, Is Proud to Be One of 70 Artists Accepted in the NWWS Virtual Online Waterworks Unlimited Exhibition

The annual membership show runs April 22 – June 30, 2021

 Janine Helton is among 70 selected artists to be in Northwest Watercolor Society’s (NWWS) Annual Membership Exhibition, Waterworks Unlimited. No ticket is required for the online show to see “some of the finest watermedia artwork I’ve had the honor of judging,” says juror Liana Bennett. To view the exhibition on your favorite electronic device or any time, go to www.nwws.org from April 22 to June 30, 2021.

“The exhibition contains a tremendous representation of a broad range of styles,” comments Mike Thoreson, exhibition chair. Janine Helton’s painting, Little Red Headed Boy, was among 422 entries from artists in 16 states including Washington DC and international entrants from Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and Canada.

The artist states: “My current obsession is painting watercolor portraits, so I am always on the lookout for new subjects, especially on sunny days. I discovered this little boy running around on the playground one late summer morning. With his mother’s permission, I snapped several photos of this little red headed dynamo! I wanted to capture his innocence and energy as he ran around without a care in the world.”

Little Red Headed Boy by Janine Helton

Liana Bennett will present awards at the virtual artists’ reception Thursday April 22, 2021, 6pm to 8pm Pacific Time. Check the website www.nwws.org for details and click here to register for this free event. First prize receives $1,000, second $750 and third $500. Bennett is also awarding three $75 cash prizes named Juror’s Commendation Awards along with other cash and merchandise awards.

I think this is one of the finest membership exhibitions we have ever had,” adds Molly Murrah, president of NWWS. “We’re very proud of this show!”

A full list of accepted artists can be found at https://www.nwws.org/Exhibitions/Waterworks-Members-Exhibition

About NWWS

The Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) was founded in 1939 in Seattle, Washington when a group of eight artists came together to form an organization dedicated to the celebration of watercolor. With a goal to inspire both a lasting interest in the art of watercolor painting and an appreciation for watercolor as an artful, imaginative medium, the history of NWWS began. From these modest beginnings, NWWS has grown into the internationally recognized, historically rich organization of today with a membership over nine hundred Signature, Lifetime and Associate Members across the USA, Canada & internationally.

The Northwest Watercolor Society of today is a structured organization that offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences for the artist, the art patron and all those fascinated by the magical wonder of watercolor.

Recognized as one of the most prominent national/international watercolor societies in North America, NWWS continues to gain attention and exposure. Although NWWS has grown enormously throughout the years in both numbers and accomplishments, the organization has remained firmly rooted in its history, devoted to the philosophy of the Mission Statement of its Founders … To promote and elevate the art of watercolor and watermedia as a medium and to encourage the growth and creativity of its artist members. www.nwws.org




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