Upcoming ZOOM Online Workshops Offered by Spencer Meagher

Don’t Be Afraid of Color!

Chicken Farm by Spencer Meagher
Royal and St. Peter NOLA by Spencer Meagher
Flat Iron Eureka Springs by Spencer Meagher

Learn how to paint more effective buildings in watercolor. Monday November 9th & Friday November13th Eureka Springs School of the Arts will be hosting an online Zoom watercolor workshop with Spencer Meagher. In this two day class we will learn fundamentals of painting buildings. Visit ESSA’s website to sign up for this fun and informative class. Students will learn to identify major shapes and values, isolate and simplify them and say more with fewer brushstrokes.

Watercolor Basics – Online Lake Geneva, WI

Wash Day by Spencer Meagher
Morning Sun by Spencer Meagher
September in St. Charles by Spencer Meagher

New to watercolor? Been painting for a few years? Decades of experience in watercolor? It doesn’t matter. This class is for you. Jump right in and learn some new techniques for applying paint to paper.

In this workshop we will be learning a lot about design. How to control where your viewer looks. How to lead them around your painting with not only your drawing design, but with shape, value and color. This Zoom online class will give you some great tools that will improve your watercolor skills.

Geneva Lakes Art Foundation will be hosting this great opportunity to become a better painter Saturday November 14th and Sunday November 15th. Click the link to register.

Sunny Glade by Spencer Meagher

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