An Invitation to a Plein Air Event

Webster Arts — Keeping Art Alive!
It’s not quite time to come out yet, but we have art for you! 
Paint Webster is still a go for May 9, with some important changes. Open to both amateurs and professionals, the competition encourages artists of all ages to capture on canvas the outdoor spaces of the charming Webster Groves community.
In 2020:
The entrance fee has been eliminated.
Register online only to be eligible for prizes!
Please paint only on May 9. It’s an honor thing!
Paint in your yard, in a park away from others, in the business districts away from others.
Consider wearing a mask.
Awards will be given for best paintings in several categories
and announced on, Facebook and Instagram.
Email your finished work to Webster Arts for judging and an on-line exhibition.
See all the details and registration information at
Thank you to Paint Webster sponsors: 
Webster University, Crossroad Business District,
Old Orchard Business District, and Old Webster Business District.

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