Carla Giller’s Fearless Urban Sketching Workshop

Fearless Urban Sketching with Carla Baron Giller

In this 4 session workshop we will take the fear out of Urban Sketching by learning the basics in a small group. (maximum: 6 students) I know the fears that many of us have when starting to sketch in public.  I understand fully the fear of not knowing where to start a sketch and feeling overwhelmed by the subjects in front of you.  I also know only too well that feeling of ‘I’m not a good artist; I can’t do this; this is going to be bad!’  I’ve been there; I’ve done that.  But there is another way . . . .


~   Learning how to observe

~   Learning how to look for major shapes and edges

~   Learning how to use minimal measured setup points to sketch in ink

~   Learning how to draw without feeling compelled to get the perspective ‘right’

~   Learning how to feel comfortable sketching in public

DATES & TIME:      4 Saturday mornings              9:00am-11:30 am

August 17    MO Botanical Garden

August 24    Lafayette Square

August 31    The Daily Bread (indoors) (Town & Country)

 Sept. 7         Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop (Webster Groves)


A (5.5”x8.5” or larger) sketchbook for mixed media (for wet & dry media), 2B pencil, ink pen & brush pen, a small watercolor set, a couple of watercolor brushes, a small container for water, a few folded paper towel sheets for blotting your brush, and a small folding stool or sheet of plastic to sit on.

WORKSHOP FEE: $120.00 for 4 sessions


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