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As you may or may not know, the local group known as Urban Sketchers St. Louis recently formed an official chapter of the international Urban Sketchers (http://www.urbansketchers.org/) and invited the St. Louis Watercolor Society Urban Sketchers to merge with them. Given this would consolidate the two local groups and be an official chapter of the international Urban Sketchers, the merger was considered advantageous and approved. Michele Perrin, Linda Thompson and Carla Baron Giller are the administrators of the new combined group. Urban Sketchers St. Louis is the surviving name of the group along with their Facebook page. St. Louis Watercolor Society Urban Sketchers will close their Facebook page. Carla Baron Giller will continue to coordinate the group’s events and the Saint Louis Watercolor Society will continue to send out announcements of events to their members and post photos of the events on their website.

Here are some helpful addresses for you to use to follow Urban Sketchers St. Louis:

Instagram: #uskstlouis,

Facebrook group: Urban Sketchers St. Louis,

Blog: UrbanSketchersStLouis.blogspot.com



Here are some photos the group shared of their outing to Queeny Park near the Mason Road entrance on Friday, June 14th. It was a beautiful day weather wise and the spot offered many lovely things to sketch.

And now for some close ups.

Even a humble gas meter is a work of art through the eyes of an artist.

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