Self Help Painters’ Paint Out in Kimswick, MO

The Saint Louis Watercolor Society’s Self Help Painters had a Paint Out in Kimswick, MO on Thursday, May 25th.  It was a lovely day for the group to commune and paint some wonderful paintings.  They shared the following photos for us to enjoy.

Self Help Painters Paint Out in Kimswick, MO, May 25, 2017

Shown in the photo above are attendees, minus Mary Riney;  left to right :  David Anderson, Doris Schwartz, Ken Francis, Maggie McCarthy, Karen Papin, Pat Long, Fran Kempin and Mary Berry Friedman

David Anderson’s Painting
Ken Francis’ Painting
Fran Kempin’s Painting
Maggie McCarthy with Her Painting
Karen Papin’s Painting
Mary Riney with Her Painting

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