Spencer Meagher Workshop

Spencer Meagher One Day Workshop

Don’t miss it!!


Students will learn as Spencer demonstrates a variety of techniques for applying paint to paper
in a studio setting.  The class will focus on various components and aspects of painting watercolors, i.e. differences in brushes, papers, paint quality, as well as, application techniques including washes, splattering, dropping and pouring and dry brushing.  When, where and how to appropriately use each tool and techniques.  Class structure is appropriate for ALL skill levels. Students should anticipate completing two (2) 11″ x 15″ paintings!

When:  Thursday, March 23, 2017

Where:  Missouri Artists on Main, 315-321 S. Main Street, St. Charles, MO 63301  636-724-1760 www.maomgallery.com

Time:  9 am- 4 pm

Cost:  $75 plus supplies!

Artist’s Website:  spencermeagher.com

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