Appeal for an Art Instructor

Emile Johnson sent this appeal out this week.  If any of you are interested please contact him directly.

My name is Emile Johnson and I am the EmmausLink Community Coordinator.  We are offering a watercolor course in Washington MO at Francis Borgia high school for adults with developmental disabilities and their natural supports (family , friends, and staff).  I am having difficulty finding a teacher for the class and I am hoping you could send me the contact information of any of your members who might be interested.  The courses start on October 15 and end of November 12.  They meet each Saturday from 9- noon.  I am looking forward to hearing back from you. 

Thank you,

Emile Johnson
EmmausLink Community Coordinator
Emmaus Homes
3731 Mueller Road
St. Charles MO 63301

The pay is $375 total and the number of expected students each class is between 10 and 15.   There is a class at 9am 10am and 11am each Saturday from October 15 to November 12. Most students will have a developmental disability but not all of them and we expect to have some volunteers  as well to assist. “

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