Saint Louis Watercolor Society’s 2016 Board Election Ballot and 2016-2017 Dues Invoice

It is that time of year again when the Saint Louis Watercolor Society’s members are being asked to vote for the open and renewing Board positions.

Click here to download the SLWS 2016 Board Election Ballot.

If you are unable to attend the membership meeting on May 18, 2016, please complete the ballot and return it no later than May 11 to the address shown on the form or via email (you can complete the form, scan it or take a photo of it, and attach it to an email to Mirka Fetté at If you are attending the meeting, you may bring your ballot to be counted there.  Only members whose 2015-2016 dues are paid are entitled to vote in this election.

We are also sending our members the 2016-2017 Saint Louis Watercolor Society’s Dues Invoice.

Click here to download the SLWS 2016-2017 Dues Invoice.

Payment is due on July 1, 2016 and if not paid by September 1, 2016, your membership will lapse, excluding you from some valuable benefits.

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