DAVEN ANDERSON THE RIVERS: A Celebration of Life and Work on America’s Inland Waterways

HEADING HOME by Daven Anderson

As many of you know, I am painting a series of 65 paintings on life and work on our coast to coast rivers and inland waterways.  The series is presently scheduled for exhibition in two museums including here in St. Louis at the MERCANTILE LIBRARY with its well know and respected Potts Inland Waterway collection. The exhibit here will be in February and March 2017.

A third exhibition has just been scheduled at the CHANNEL ISLANDS MARITIME MUSEUM, Oxnard (LA), California. The exhibition will run from July 1 through September 30, 2017.  The exhibition is supported with a 110 page exhibition catalog.

I expect to announce a fourth exhibition in a few weeks.  Two additional art museums are considering the exhibition.

There will be a website dedicated to the exhibition in a few weeks:   www.theriversexhibition.com The website will include the exhibition schedule and list all exhibiting institution events: receptions, gallery talks, demonstrations, etc. with links to the websites of the exhibiting museums.

I hope that you have an opportunity to see the paintings in person at one of the exhibitions.

Daven Anderson

Daven Anderson is a member of the Watercolor Honor Society, a US Coast Guard artist, the Executive Director of the Missouri Watercolor Society and the Managing Director of the American Society of Marine Artists.  His work is widely known.  His series, The Rivers: a Celebration of Life and Work on America’s Inland Waterways, opens at the Crisp Museum in Cape Girardeoux next May 6th before coming to the St. Louis Mercantile Library the following February.  It is intended that the series be exhibited nationally in six art museums.

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