2016 Sightseeing Watercolor Painting Trip to China

Dongfeng Li, AWS, is extending an invitation to the members of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society to partake in a sightseeing watercolor painting trip to China from June 21 to July 7, 2016, with an opportunity to stay on until July 13, 2016 to attend the 2016 China Show & International Watercolor Salon Workshop. 

The trip has two parts: 

  • The first part includes Dongfeng Li’s workshop and travel to six different cities in China.
  • The second part includes participation in the 2016 Qingdao International Watercolor Salon (this part is optional), where you will have the opportunity to meet and watch the top 10 world-class watercolor artists’ workshop/demo/lectures, and visit their joint-exhibition with top Chinese watercolor artists.

These top 10 world-class artists are:
Dean Mitchell (America AWS), John Salminen (America AWS, only for the show), Antonio Masi (America AWS), Frederick Graff (America AWS), Joseph Zbukvic (Australia AWS), Alvaro Castagnet (Australia AWS), Herman Pekel (Australia), John Hoar (England), David Curtis (England), Andy Wood (England), Ilya Ibryaev (Russian), Stanislaw Zoladz (Sweden).

This is a very special trip and valuable opportunity to enjoy travel and landscape painting, in addition to the opportunity to meet these top 10 world-class  watercolor artists and watch their painting demos.

For the brochure with more information and registration forms, please click the link below:


For more information on Dongfeng Li, please visit his website: www.dongfengli.com

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