SLWS’s 2015 Fall Retreat Was a Success

We have received very favorable feedback from our members who attended the 2015 Fall Retreat, Oct 27 – 29, at the Toddhall Conference Center in Columbia, IL .

Peggy Michalski wrote, “Despite the blustery/rainy start we were happy with our warm painting space, our sleeping arrangements, and the food!  Toward the end the sun happily returned.”

We wanted to share the following photos that were sent in of some of the attendees hiking in the woods and some of the artwork that was created at the retreat.  It appears that the surroundings provided inspiration and a relaxing atmosphere.

Fall Retreat 2015 Gang_ Mary Mosblech, Linda Lynch, Maggie McCarthy, David Anderson, Kathy Moore, Betty Siems

Fall Retreat 2015 Gang Hiking_A Hike in the Woods

Fall Retreat 2015 Woods_Beautiful Woods

Dave Anderson_David Anderson

Kathy Dowd_Kathy Dowd

Gerry Klein 1_Gerry Klein

Diana Leszcz_Diana Leszcz

Linda Lynch 1_Linda Lynch

Maggie McCarthy_Maggie McCarthy

Mary Mosblech 2_Mary Mosblech

Mary Mosblech_Mary Mosblech

Carol Valenta 1_Carol Valenta

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