Invitation to a Jane M. Mason Lecture at OA Gallery

John Singer Sargent: Italy and Water in Watercolor
Lecture and presentation by Jane M. Mason
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Saturday, October 17, 2015
OA Gallery, 101A W Argonne Dr., Kirkwood, MO 63122
(314) 821-6241
Very light refreshments and an opportunity to talk with Jane will follow the lecture.

Jane M. MasonJoin Jane M. Mason for a free lecture and presentation on her favorite watercolor artist, John Singer Sargent.

Jane has conducted extensive research on the artist and his work, and has presented demonstrations at the Strauss Center for Conservation at Harvard University re-creating how Sargent painted in watercolor.

This presentation (no live painting will be included) will include large reproductions depicting details of some of Sargent’s work from Italy, focusing on his light hand with water, balustrades, fountains, and gardens. Jane will talk about his materials, his sequencing of his layering with resists and his “direct painting technique” embraced by his favorite instructor, Charles August Émile Durant, known as Carolus-Duran.

Jane is an accomplished, award-winning artist and writer. She was president of the St Louis Watercolor Society for a number of years as well as the Greater St. Louis Art Association. She has her master’s degree in Museum Studies from Harvard University, and has worked at museums and statewide historical associations. Her blog is, so named because she believes that art should be at the center of everyone’s life. Jane currently lives in Cleveland, Oh and teaches art at Cleveland Botanical Garden. She is launching a web-series teaching watercolor painting and using creative problem solving to master your life with abundance.

This lecture is being filmed by Graham T. Mason and his crew from GTM Pictures, Los Angeles, California. The segment will appear as one of the “Artfull Talks” shows in Jane’s new video series to be available on YouTube and

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