Our Self Help Painters at Villa Antonio Winery

Today members of the Self Help Painters group painted at the Villa Antonio Winery, located at 3660 Linhorst Road, in Hillsboro, MO.  What a beautiful day they had and such a lovely place for plein air painting.  Here are some photos from their day.  If you would like more information on the winery, please visit  www.villaantoniowinery.com.

Villa Antonio Winery Aug 13 2015_Villa Antonia Winery

Villa Antonio Grapes_Villa Antonio Grapes

David Anderson_David Anderson

Doris Schwartz_Doris Schwartz with Grape Press

Sandy Baker & Pat Long_Sandy Baker and Pat Long

Kathy Dowd_2_Kathy Dowd

Fran Kempin_Fran Kempin

Gerry Klein & Her Friend Susan_Gerry Klein and Her Friend Susan

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