Request for Help from Artists

Hello, Members of the St. Louis Watercolor Society,
I am writing from Our Little Haven, the St. Louis care facility for special needs children, because members of the Society very kindly painted a beautiful wall mural ourdoors on a wall in our children’s playground in 1998!
 It’s a street scene complete with imaginary gas pumps, mail boxes, etc., so that children in our care facility can play “pretend” on the playground.  Many hundreds and hundreds of children sheltered from abuse and neglect have enjoyed the painting since then. 
We were thrilled to receive this artwork which was created by several members on-site at the time, as a donation to our cause.  Would there be any chance for the organization to see if there are any members who would be willing to come back to our facility and refresh the painting?  It has held up amazing well, considering it is 17 years old—and the detail is all there, but the bright colors are faded.  We are located in the Central West End, at 4316 Lindell Boulevard.  If you would like, I can send photos of the wall mural painting. 
Your thoughts about my request are greatly appreciated.  I would like to have the opportunity to speak with you about how you feel about our request; my phone number is (314) 533-2229 x227.  I’m here M-F 9-5.
Thank you very much for your kind consideration, and for the past donation from the St. Louis WaterColor Society.
Best regards,
Ann Julien
Our Little Haven Development Director
(314) 533-2229 x227

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  1. This work was done by Judy Seyfert, Holly Horn, Margaret Schneider, Linda Hammelman,Gail Ford and Georgia Purcell. It is acrylic on concrete block on the side of a one-story garage. A step-ladder will be required. It should only take one day to refresh the colors if about 3 work on it. Very nice people and a very worthy cause!

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