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Dear StLWS,
I’d like to invite the StLWS members to come and see over 50 paintings created by StLWS members & sisters Annie Schuchart & Margaret Schneider. We are exhibiting over 50 paintings paintings honoring family heritage. My family & I have put together the music & art presentation currently showing at 1900 Park – A Creative Space in Lafayette Square, St Louis, Mo. The ongoing exhibit & one night music event are open to the public. Thank you.
Margaret Schneider

“We honor our ancestors by living out the gifts passed on to us,” says Jane Murphy Godfrey.  “In sharing this with the public we hope to entertain, emotionally move, and provoke the audience to consider their own evoloving family history.”
Hi all!
That’s a little blurb from a recent press release about my upcoming family show.  I’ve been planning and looking toward to this event for a long time and now it’s just around the corner! 
As many of you know, I come from a musical and artistic family.  And there are many of us!  Just getting us all together is a feat in itself, and preparing for this show has been an ambitious endeavor, but also a labor of love.  We are all coming together for an evening of music and art based around the theme of family.  I’m excited about sharing my talented family with you.  
One happy problem – tickets are going fast and we are quickly approaching a sell-out!  If you’d like to go please order your tickets now!  You may purchase them through Brown Paper Tickets:
Here are some details:
 If you don’t know about the Angel Band Project, I encourage you to take a look at their website.  It’s a great organization and we’re proud to be donating our proceeds to them.
If you can’t make the concert (I know it’s a busy time of year) I hope you can visit the art gallery to see “Legacy” before May 28th.   My sisters, Annie Murphy Schuchart and Margaret Murphy Schneider have put together a beautiful body of work inspired by our family history.   Check the website for gallery hours
Thanks and hope you are having a lovely spring!
Stay Tuned!

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