The Missouri Department of Conservation invites members of the SLWS to paint the extinct Passenger Pigeon

This September marks the 100 year anniversary of the loss of the Passenger Pigeon to extinction.  The Missouri Department of Conservation is planning a commemoration event this September that will include a variety of activities at Rockwoods Reservation Conservation Area that deal not only with the loss of the species, but what we can do now to be more conservation minded and protect our environment.

With that said, the Missouri Department of Conservation would like to invite interested members of the St. Louis Watercolor Society to paint their rendition of the Passenger Pigeon.  Entries will be placed on display at the Rockwoods Reservation Visitor Center for the general public to view.  Details on prizes are still being worked out, but I should have more information by the meeting next Wednesday.

This will be a great opportunity for any interested members to use their artistic abilities to help educate the public about the loss of a species.  It’s hard to believe that there use to be billions of them — enough to darken a sunny sky for hours as they flew over, and now there are none.

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