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From Judy Seyfert: 

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.  As I sit here and write this I cannot believe summer is almost over.

       A few weeks ago I took an inspiring workshop with artist, Carl Purcell. He really didn’t present anything I didn’t already know but he presented it in a way that I saw things a little differently. It was a great time to recharge my creative batteries.  But now it is time to look toward fall and what will be happening at the Missouri Botanical Garden.   I will be teaching four classes, three in the fall and one in January.  Please note for the first time there is an advanced watercolor class on Monday evenings.  Here are the classes and the links:

Watercolor: Beyond the Basics
The class will cover everything from advanced techniques to expanding your color choices. There will be more emphasis on design and integrating it into your art.  As you can see from the supply list we will be painting on different watercolor paper surfaces.  You might find something you like better than cold press paper.  I also want participants to work with larger brushes.  It is a time to experiment with the conventional tools of watercolor.  Here is the link to register. 
Painting with An Artist’s Eye:
This is the third time I have taught this class.  I have never taught it as an evening class but I felt there was enough interest for an evening advanced class that it was time.  The term “advanced” only means that the participating artists have mastered basic watercolor technique and have a desire to expand their experience.  Artists should also have the desire to work independently on a subject of their own choosing. 
Watercolor: The Color of Fall
The description says it all.  I want to pull all the things we love about fall from colors to subject matter into this class. Here is the link:
Watercolor Unleashed: Creativity
  The January class is turning into one of my favorites to teach.  It is the “outside the box” class.  It is only four weeks but it is always a fun class to make January more interesting, avoiding the winter blahs.  Here is the link:
One last thing to think about for next year:  I will be teaching a portrait workshop June 6, 7, and 8, 2014 at the Maria Center.  More information will be sent out after the first of the year.  
If you need anymore information don’t hesitate to contact me.  

Judy Seyfert

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