CJ Muggs switch out coming soon

“Up Close and Personal”.   
receiving Tuesday night July 17th from 9 P.M. to 10 P.M. and
                      Wednesday morning July 18th from 9 A.M. to 10 A.M. 
AT CJ Muggs Restaurant, at Lockwood and Gore in Webster Groves.   

This is a themed show so enter a piece that fits the theme.   Paintings must be framed with white or off-white mats and ready to hang with screw eyes and wire, There is space for about ten more artists to exhibit their work.  All you need to do to reserve a spot is to email Barbara Martin Smith  at: studio@watercolorsmith.com
This venue is for 3 months, sold works may be removed at the time of sale if replaced with a comparable painting.   There is no commission to the restaurant. If you have not been there, go check it out!  We have had a 10- year relationship with this venue and we love it. 


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