Estate Sale of Joanlee Ferrar’s estate

 Joanlee was an art teacher and likely has many goodies in the form of furniture, art books, etc.

We’re having a final estate sale at my mother’s house, 15244 Kempwood Drive, 63017, on Saturday, 13 August.  This is the EVERYTHING MUST GO sale.  While we got rid of some stuff at the estate sale in June, there is still a wealth of goodies in there.  Collectibles, kitchen ware, small appliances, pictures and decorative objects, costume jewelry, garden items, fantastic books (particularly art, history, travel for both adults and kids) etc.  Basically, at least 50% of everything that furnished that house is still there and waiting for treasure hunters.

Worth special attention is the furniture still in the house.  Amongst the highlights:  a practically new, top quality leather couch, armchair and footstool that Mom paid thousands for, and we’re selling for a fraction of the cost; a set of twin beds with storage underneath that tuck beneath a corner table, fantastic for kids or a guest room; a rattan bar with matching bar stools, a 1950s classic from the old Tropicana shop ready for your next tropical tiki party; a sturdy wooden kitchen table with matching captains’ chairs; a whole master bedroom suite with king sized headboard, side table, and dresser.

If you know anyone who’s furnishing a house or apartment at the moment, PLEASE pass this email on to them.  It’s an opportunity not to miss.  But really, anyone who’s up for a root around the Aladdin’s cave that was Mom’s house will have a good time.  Tell everyone you know!

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  1. Thanks, linda for posting this. I know Joanlee's daughter Ellen appreciates it. Thank you to Linda metzler-green for her suggestion to send this to you.

    Respectfully sent by sculptor, Joy Kroeger Beckner.
    You watercolorists have to get it right the first time! You have an amzingliy unforgiving medium!

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