Wonderful Happenings

Member Daven Anderson has opened a gallery!

“First and foremost, another artist, Lisa Ober, and I have opened a gallery in Clayton – the Ober Anderson Gallery (www.oberandersongallery.com).   It’s at 14 N. Meramec (ph 314-727-1345), next to Roxane’s Wine Bar  between Forsyth and Maryland.   Most of you are very familiar with my work – wide ranging but much focused on St. Louis’s people and places.”  The gallery will  be open Weds through Sat. at this time.  A formal opening reception will be held mid-July.”

Also Daven has had two paintings purchased by the Mercantile Library.
“The Mercantile Library has purchased two of my works – Chuck Berry & Pushing Upstream at Sunrise.  This is a real honor.  As you know, the Mercantile has a truly world class collection of fine art.  It always amazes me, however, that so few St. Louisans visit the Mercantile.  It is the oldest library west of the Mississippi (1846) and is more than exceptional. Please visit and support. (www.umsl.edu/mercantile)”

Marilynne Bradley Won 1st in Watercolors at the Art & Air Webster Groves Outdoor Art Fair held June 3-5 for this painting.



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