What Winners! Way To Go!

Bob McClelland had his painting, “Lifecycle”,  accepted into the Watercolor USA 2011 (50th Exhibition) show, at the Springfield Art Museum, 1111 E. Brookside Drive, in Springfield, MO, running from June 10 to August 7.  He also had his painting “Mothers” accepted into the Missouri Watercolor Society’s Missouri National 11th Annual Open Exhibition, at the National Churchill Museum, Anson Cutts Gallery, in Fulton, MO, running from Apr. 1 – May 22, and received an Award of Merit. 

And congratulations to Marilynne Bradley for having a painting accepted into Watercolor USA.

Our members Shirley Nachtrieb and Annie Schuchart each received awards for their entries at the Missouri Watercolor National 2011.

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