Class with Judy Seyfert at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Judy Seyfert will be having a class at the Missouri Botanical Garden in January.  It is a class designed for the watercolor artists who need a mid winter creative boost.  The class meets four Fridays beginning January 14th from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m.  The class title and description is as follows:

 Watercolor Rescue. Lost interest and feeling uninspired about your art in the cold of winter?  Are you in an “artistic slump”? Let the Garden awaken and inspire you once again. This is a unique class for watercolor artists to engage in a little nature-inspired “art therapy” to jump start your creativity.  It’s also a time to bring in your problem paintings, and together, we will try to pass the hurdles to fix them.  This class is for artists of all levels who have some watercolor experience. Designed for adults only.  If classes are canceled due to inclement weather February 11 and 18 will be used as the backup class dates.

Go to the Missouri Botanical Garden website (, click education and then go to the adult education link.  Information about the class is there.  You can register online or call them at 341-577-5100.

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