Art Supplies and Equipment Available

I have a friend who is down sizing. Available are art books, videos, a drafting table and stool, mat cutter and a canvas print rack.   I looked the bigger ones up in Cheap Joes Catalog for reference.
The drafting table looks similar to the Alvin Creative Center (pg212) It is a four post, white top with an Alvin caddy attached.  The size is 30″X 42″.  The picture in the catalog shows a drafting chair but hers came with a stool.  It is an adjustable table.  The CJ catalog showed it for $189.39  Reference number AL2001A.  It is clean and looks like it was hardly used.
The Logan Intermediate mat cutter is listed at $159.95.  Reference #L450.  It is in excellent condition and looks like it was hardly used.  It will cut a mat up to 40″.  Page # 199 in the CJ catalog.
The canvas print rack is normally used for those who are interested in taking part in art fairs.  She is using it to store art work.  It is fairly large.  You can find it on page 254 in the catalog.  She paid $60 for it originally.  Other than being dusty, it is in good condition.
She doesn’t have a big selection of art books but what she does have are good. (Jan Kuntz, Tom Hill, Tony Couch etc.) There are books on watercolor and drawing. There is a limited selection of videos.
If you are interested email Judy Seyfert at  All offers will be considered.  It is a first come basis, by appointment only.  She lives in Ladue.

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