Our Congratulations!

Janine Helton just learned that both of her paintings, Poetry in Motion and Surprise Visitor, have been accepted into the San Diego Watercolor Society Summer TriAnnual Online Member Exhibition by juror Angela Barbi! She then learned that Poetry in Motion received 1st Place in the exhibition which really excited her.

“Poetry in Motion” by Janine Helton

Here are the judge’s comments on her Poetry in Motion painting:

“This flamingo immediately caught my attention for its soothing color harmony and its unusual composition. The viewer’s eye gets inevitably guided to the focal point of the beak, the head and the neck, and then he can just enjoy all the careful work on the feathers, many of them beautifully painted negatively. The background is well integrated with the flamingo through the careful use of the same color for the shadow parts of the body and feathers. There’s a sense of movement, you can almost see the flamingo moving his beak as he is sprucing up his feathers that will start moving at any moment. A very good painting full of sensitivity that you can enjoy viewing for hours.”

Here is Janine’s Surprise Visitor painting.

“Surprise Visitor” by Janine Helton

This online (virtual only) exhibit runs from August 15 through September 15.

Click here to view the exhibition online.

Call for a Watercolor Instructor

The St. Louis Artists’ Guild has reached out to the Saint Louis Watercolor Society for a watercolor instructor. Here is the opening they still have for an instructor:

The class is 4 weeks / Thursdays, August 25 – September 15 / 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

The class description is: Whether you are new to this exciting medium or just wishing to “brush” up on those rusty painting skills, this is the course you have been looking for.  The course offers basic color and light theories applicable to any medium. We will paint characteristics, mixing colors, brush techniques, papers, values and painting techniques for watercolors.

If you are interested in teaching this class at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, please contact:

Ashley Sexton (she/her)
Education Coordinator
St. Louis Artists’ Guild