Handel’s Messiah

A bit of editorial license here.  This is not related to art or SLWS, but I want to share with you this uplifting piece, that spans all religious persuasions and may give you a boost of heart during this busy time.  Enjoy Handel’s Messiah in a “Flash Mob” setting.  (A flash mob is just what you will see here; an unexpected explosion of song or other actions.)  Turn up your volume.

Big Red Box Sale at the Foundry

See the work of Linda Green/Metzler, Robert McClellan and 18 other artists at this great holiday event!  

Begins this Friday with a fun reception and all day Saturday.
A great time to visit St. Charles for their wonderful Christmas
festivities also.

Our kiosk will also have a new display. A good opportunity for
members to check that out and see if they would like to sign up for
Showboat 2011.

Jessen Kirkwood Workshop to be on TV

This is a great spot!  I recognize Carol Jessen, Jane Hogg and Rosie Phillips.  If you know others in the video, please leave a comment.  I can’t determine the schedule that it will air, but check out the link to see the video.

Here is the message from the photographer, Aaron Mermelstein.

I shot the story of you and your class painting the Kirkwood depot in May, I think, and it’s been “on the shelf” for so long we had to chop the dust off of it with a pick axe.  But it’s finally online and will start to air on HEC-TV (channel 989 on Charter, 98 on U-Verse), next week.
I not only have to apologize for the delay (the place works at an absolutely glacial pace), but also for my photography…this was the first one of these I shot with that teeny-tiny camera and it taught me that you CAN’T hold it in your hand without it looking like the New Madrid Fault was going crazy.  It taught me to use a tripod for later stories.
Anyway, I think it turned out pretty well and I hope you enjoy it.
Aaron Mermelstein