24th Annual Membership Awards Exhibition – Big Splash 2021 – Virtual Exhibition

Welcome to the 24th Annual Members’ Exhibition – Big Splash 2021, the third virtual exhibit of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society. The exhibition opens on the stlws.org website on October 1, 2021 and closes on October 31, 2021.  Awards will be presented to the award winners on October 7 at 3:30 p.m. at Hawken House, 1155 South Rock Hill Road, Webster Groves, MO.


This Member’s Only collection of art highlights some of the many and diverse talents of the STLWS.


If you are interested in purchasing a work of art, please take note of the painting’s information and Contact Us. An Exhibit Chair will get back to you shortly with purchase details.


Judge’s Statement:


When jurying I look most for a well designed painting. We desire unity and yet diversity. What does this mean?  Primarily, we need to love the whole painting, not just a particular part of the painting. We need to love the whole book, movie, symphonic performance, not just a certain part, but all the parts for different reasons. Good design also means that we avoid having any particular shape, color, activity or emotion that stands out too differently from the rest of the painting. I try not to judge a painting by what the subject is, each person has their own biases and reasons as to why they like certain subjects. I do consider the power of a universal message, the capacity to reach multiple cultures rather than a particular group, as a potentially more powerful subject. I do look for technique and color that shows authority over the medium of watercolor. An overworked painting can, in some cases, be a strong painting, but a fresh painting that is well designed is a stronger painting. I also look for effective control of lighting and mood. I also value the originality and uniqueness of the subject and the techniques used. Thank you for asking me to be your judge for this year’s exhibition.


Stan Miller




First Place

Janine Helton, A Time for Rest

Eric’s Watercolor Frames,

Eric’s Watercolor Plein Air Frame, $289


Second Place

Linda Wilmes, Recycled

M Graham & Company, $241 Gift Certificate

for 12 tube Watercolor Set


Third Place

Karen Romani, Splendor in the Grass

Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, $200 Gift Certificate & from

Dixon Ticonderoga Company, Princeton Aqua Elite

10″ Round Sample Card, $25.95


1st Award of Recognition

Terry Lay, Route of the Maya

Dixon Ticonderoga Company, MaimeriBlu Half Pan

Watercolor Set, 16 Colors, $195


2nd Award of Recognition

Claudia Broom, Comfort Pup

HK Holbein, 24 tube Watercolor Set, $172, & from Dixon

Ticonderoga Company, Strathmore 400 Watercolor

Paper, 140 lb. Cold Press, 9″x12″ Pad, 12 Sheets, $12.09


3rd Award of Recognition

Julie Bantle, Party of One

HK Holbein, 24 tube Watercolor Set, $172


4th Award of Recognition

Cindy Breihan, Maritime

Raymar, $125 Gift Certificate, & from Dixon Ticonderoga

Company, MaimeriBlu Introductory 12 ml Watercolor

Set, 5 Colors, $39.95


5th Award of Recognition

Michelle Davis, White-throated Sparrow

St. Louis Art Supply, 12 Schmincke Horadam Half Pan

Watercolors, Water Brush, Travel Watercolor Brush &

Watercolor Journal, $124


6th Award of Recognition

Linda Meyer, Cactus in Bloom 2

St. Louis Art Supply, 12 Schmincke Horadam Half Pan

Watercolors, Water Brush, Travel Watercolor Brush &

Watercolor Journal, $124


7th Award of Recognition

Gail Crosson, Lines of Communication

Dick Blick Art Materials, $100 Gift Certificate


8th Award of Recognition

Ken Francis, The Yellow Shanty

Golden Artist Colors, Inc., $50 Gift Certificate

& QoR 12 Color Introductory Watercolor Set


9th Award of Recognition

Judy Grewe, Millefleur

Artmart STL, Winsor & Newton 1″ Flat Sceptre

Gold II brush, Escoda Reserva #6 Kolinsky-Tajmyr Brush,

Princeton Sable #10 Round Brush, Princeton Sable #16 Round Brush,



10th Award of Recognition

Allan Gillespie, Harvest

Dixon Ticonderoga Company, Arches Watercolor 140 lb.

Cold Pressed 12″x16″ Block, 20 Sheets, $85.75


1st Honorable Mention

Annette McGarrahan, The First Thing

Speedball, Escoda Travel 3-Brush Set, Green, $75


2nd Honorable Mention

Patty Strubinger, Garden of Pink Beauty

Speedball, Escoda Travel 3-Brush Set, Red, $75


3rd Honorable Mention

Diane Carder, Little Partner

Speedball, Escoda Travel 3-Brush Set, Black, $75


4th Honorable Mention

Elizabeth Young, Grape Jam

Speedball, Escoda Travel 3-Brush Set, Blue, $75


5th Honorable Mention

Patricia Long, Trucker Cowboy

Dixon Ticonderoga Company:

Lyra Rembrandt Aquarell

Water Soluble Pencils, 36 Colors, $72


People’s Choice Award

Creative Catalyst, $70 DVD Gift Certificate

To be determined at the close of the exhibit

by tally of the online votes.


Many Thanks to Our Volunteers


On behalf of the STLWS Board of Directors we would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to our volunteers who have worked so hard to make this second virtual exhibit a huge success. We cannot say enough about the tireless effort, our Communications Chair, Jane Hogg. Once again, this virtual exhibit simply would not have happened without her. Our Publicity Chair, Florine Porter, advertised Big Splash and worked tirelessly to recruit the sponsors, who donated so many wonderful prizes.  The catalog was produced by our new member, Laura Horman, who created this beautiful graphic design effort. Our tech-savvy Membership Chair, Gina Perkins, created the wonderful video of our exhibit.


Thank you also to Steven Morris who was the 1st Place Award Winner from our last Big Splash Exhibit. This year’s catalog cover design featured Steven’s wonderful and award winning painting, “Nest With Purple Polka Dots.”


We would also like to thank our juror, Stan Miller, for his extensive knowledge and masterful art training. The task of choosing just a few of the entries to receive awards is a daunting one amongst so many talented artists.


And finally, I would like to thank Ted Daniels of The Hot Copy in Maryland Heights, who has skillfully taken on the job of printing the catalog and all the many items throughout the years for the STLWS. His attention to detail and ‘go the extra mile’ service cannot be beat.


Enjoy viewing this year’s Big Splash 2021 exhibit.


Carla Baron Giller

Deb Dey

Co-Exhibits Chairs


A Special Thank to Our Sponsors



This is a thumbnail gallery that can be used to see larger images of each piece of art. Included captions contain information on artist, title, size and sale price.


The show catalog is available for viewing


People’s Choice voting is available until October 31.


And, you can even watch a video of the exhibit. 


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