Big Splash 2021 Receiving

STLWS 24th Annual Membership Awards
Exhibition – Big Splash 2021 Receiving

Welcome to Virtual Big Splash Receiving! This is the place to be to enter your paintings for our
all electronic exhibit. Let’s get started!

Please follow this three-step process:

1 – Upload a photo of your work. Use the Select File button to locate your file and complete
the task by using the Upload File button. You will see a success message if the processing was
completed properly. Please label your photo with your name and title of artwork.
2 – Complete all requested information. This is a combination of contact information in case
something goes wrong and the caption that is used for your artwork. Please follow the prompts
and observe the provided examples.
3 – Pay the $10 entry fee. Get this task done now by using PayPal (account not required) at the
STLWS Shop. All payments must be received by September 17th.
Upload files

Upload files

Once your file is uploaded successfully, continue on. Complete all information and choose
Submit. After submitting, scroll up and you will see “Your response has been recorded.”
followed by a reminder to pay your entry fee.

Artist First and Last Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Contact Phone (for example: 314-555-5555)
Email Address
Entry #1 Artwork Title
Entry #1 Detailed Description of Artwork Subject Matter
Entry #1 Artwork Medium
Entry #1 Artwork Unframed Size: WxH in inches (for example - 5x7 - no spaces no quotes
Entry #1 Artwork Price: Either enter NFS for Not for Sale, or give a sale price with a $ and a whole number (for example: $200)
By typing your name below, you give the Saint Louis Watercolor Society permission to use your name, artwork title, and the image of your artwork on their website and in marketing materials, including print, email and website. You also agree to abide by the STLWS Exhibition Requirements and Exhibition Prospectus as posted on website.