STLWS Spring 2022 Retreat

Liz Shaeffer organized the STLWS Spring 2022 Retreat and reported on the event as follows:

“Well, Mother Nature threw us a curve with 90-degree weather for our Spring Retreat at Shaw Nature Reserve on May 12th. Still, eleven artists joined in for painting En Plein Air. As the day wore on, there was a nice breeze and plenty of shade. The Carriage House was air conditioned for those wishing to paint indoors.

The artists spread out to different sites to capture nature in bloom. Then at 12:30 we met for lunch and shared laughter, stories of mishaps, travel, adventures, children, and grandchildren. Maggie McCarthy’s “30th birthday” was celebrated with a delicious cake from Mary Riney.  Iced tea, coffee, cupcakes, cookies, water, and bags of assorted snacks were also provided.

It was a glorious day spent with fellow artists. Lot of fun and laughter. Come join us next year.”

Here are some photos from the day the group shared with us:

The Group

Kathy Dowd and Mary Ellen Maender

Jullie Bantle

Jullie Bantle

Linda Meyer

James Brauer and Maggie McCarthy

Mirka Fetté and Julie Bantle

Mary Riney

Julie Bantle

Vince Stock

A Volunteer at Shaw Nature Reserve

Painting by Peggy Michalski

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