STLWS Self Help Painters

The Saint Louis Watercolor Society’s Self Help Painters are testing resuming live painting sessions, four times a month, on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Isabee’s Beekeeping Supplies, 765 Gravois Road, Fenton, MO 63026.  Gerry Klein’s son, Scott, and his partner Jane, own this beekeeping business located in the Fenton area near 141 and Hwy 30. (Southwest on old Gravois past Old Navy and Auto Zone). The space has a front wall of glass that lets in plenty of southwestern light and has overhead light also.  The climate-controlled space will be separated from the warehouse area.  Ten 6’ tables will be provided as needed.  There is access to restrooms and convenient parking just out the door.

Today, May 17, was their first gathering, free to all interested in joining the group.  Next Monday, May 24, will be another free session for those interested in coming to see if they would like to join the group.  The fee for participation will be $20 a month, per person, paid in advance on the last Monday of the month for the following month.  Fees are to be paid to Gerry Klein for rental of the Isabee’s space.  The fee is based on 15 to 20 painters participating.  After next week a decision will be made on whether the group can go forward meeting at Isabee’s based on the number of painters who commit to participating. If enough people join, paid sessions will start in June.

Here are some photos from today’s gathering.

Everyone was so happy to be together again, painting, visiting and encouraging each other.  Spirits lifted and enthusiasm rekindled.

And here is a photo of Isabee’s exterior (it is on the corner):

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