Jim Einspanier featured in the Feb 2021 Kirkwood Lifestyle magazine

If you have joined some of the recent Saint Louis Watercolor Society plein air events you have met Jim Einspanier and his friend, John Menousek, who brings Jim to the events and helps him set up his painting equipment.  Both gentlemen enjoy plein air painting and the opportunity to paint in the company of other artists. 

We just learned of Sam Waigand’s article, “Painting Memories,” with photographs by Sam Waigand, on the memorable works of Webster Groves artist, Jim Einspanier, which is featured in the February 2021 Kirkwood Lifestyle magazine. We wanted to share this uplifting article with you.

Click here to open the article.

Jim, you inspire us all with your zest for life, your paintings and belief of how therapeutic painting can be. Through art, artist and viewers are transported to realms beyond the present, the imagination is expanded, and a permanent record of the experience is created.

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