STLWS December ZOOM Membership Meeting

Due to the pandemic, the Saint Louis Watercolor Society did not hold their traditional holiday party. Instead they invited members to gather at a ZOOM meeting on December 9th and share winter themed paintings. It was an enjoyable event and we hope more members will attend our next scheduled ZOOM meeting on January 20th at 7 p.m. when Mary Dee Schmidt will critique paintings submitted by members. Watch for an email with the ZOOM link.

Here are some of the paintings shared at the December meeting:

Dana Rothberg’s painting
Fran Kempin’s painting
Gabriele Baber’s painting
Another painting by Gabriele Baber
Another painting by Gabriele Baber
Gerry Klein’s painting
Another painting by Gerry Klein
Jan Foulk’s painting
Jim Brauer’s painting
Another painting by Jim Brauer
A cute pandemic ornament Judy Grewe shared with us.
Judy Grewe’s painting
Kathy Kelly’s painting
Liz Schaeffer’s painting
Another painting by Liz Schaeffer
Lon Gilbert’s painting
Loretta Pfeiffer’s painting
Maggie McCarthy’s painting
Mirka Fetté’s painting
Molly Edler’s painting
A painting about Corona Virus by Molly Edler
Pat Long’s painting of her granddaughter
Peggy Michalski’s painting
Another painting by Peggy Michalski
Spencer Meagher’s painting
Anothe painting by Spencer Meagher
Suzanne Galli Koenen’s painting
Another painting by Suzanne Galli Koenen
Pickett Lema’s painting

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