News from Janine Helton

“The extra time due to stay-at-home orders got me thinking…and I came up with a plan to spend the month of June developing online watercolor workshops.”

Equipment and support services:

• A licensed Zoom account,

• Logitech BRIO webcam

• Microphone headset

• second monitor for my laptop

• A 19″ ring light.


• Hours researching and rehearsing how to create the best possible, user-friendly virtual learning experience.

• Beta Test: I gathered a group of 20+ volunteers for free Zoom classes in June, giving me practice and feedback.

I’ve since taught several online classes and a two-day Negative Painting Workshop which were very well-received. A student from my recent zoom workshop had this to say:

“When I started watercolor painting 5 months ago… I never dreamed I could produce something like this.  And u are absolutely right that learning to negative paint helps with all your painting! My work has been growing by leaps and bounds since I took your workshop. 

Thx again! ~Cathy R”

Janine has just two more online workshops scheduled for 2020. Click the links for more information, or email Janine at


Click here for information on the workshop.


Click here for information on the workshop.

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