Artists trading their brushes in for their sewing machines.

We know so many of you are sewing masks instead of painting which is such a blessing for those in need. Shirley Nachtrieb shared the following article to appear in the next St. Peters Up-Front Newsletter:

St. Peters Teacher Trades in Brushes

Shirley Nachtrieb

Shirley Nachtrieb at her sewing machine

Since the SPCAC closed its doors in March due to the Pandemic and her watercolor classes  cancelled for the duration, Shirley Nachtrieb has put away her brushes and picked up needle and thread. After reading an urgent call for seamstresses to lend a hand creating surgical masks for the community on , she has been in her art studio sewing. So far, Shirley has created 50 masks, sending some to TX, some to FL and the rest to a local nursing home in St. Charles, MO. Her contact person in finding places who need the masks was Jen Ryan of Reach LTC in St. Peters, MO. She’s listed on the website above.

Since her first delivery of the masks, Shirley has pledged to make 50 more because everyone is asking for them. Her house has threads trailing from studio to upstairs and back again. It just makes her smile. She doesn’t care to run the vacuum sweeper or dust the furniture because this is more important and very rewarding. Helping people, staying healthy and following the guidelines is important. She’ll pick up her brushes later.

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