Nursing Home Art Project

Our members, Mary Ellen Maender, lead instructor, along with the help of Diana Leszcz, Jeanne Thomas, and Kathy Dowd as an alternate, volunteer their time once a month to conduct a class in watercolor painting at a nursing home. The paintings are placed in a mat and posted around the nursing home when finished. The residents just love it! The participants’ spirits are lifted while they paint and then their paintings brighten the spirits of the residents as they view them throughout the home.

If you would like to donate paper, 11″ x 14″ mats, brushes or paint, please contact Mary Ellen Maender. Your help with supplies would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some photos of the volunteers with the group and their artwork:

Mary Ellen Maender with some of the residents’ artwork.
Mary Ellen and Diana Leszcz with the Residents
Some of the residents’ artwork.
More of the residents’ artwork.

2 thoughts on “Nursing Home Art Project

  1. Hi, my name is Julie and I would like to help out in someway, either by donating watercolor items or my time. I love what is written and what I see on your link that my sister gave me. I look forward to connecting with you.

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