Mark Sableman’s Presentation on Artists’ Legal Rights

Mark Sableman, a Partner at Thompson Coburn, LLC, gave a very informative and thorough presentation on Artists’ Legal Rights at the Saint Louis Watercolor Society’s February, 2017 membership meeting.  We include articles on our guest speakers’ presentations in our quarterly newsletter, but because there was so much to cover in Mark’s program there was not room to include the full article in the May 2017 newsletter.  Because copyright laws are something we all need to understand and respect, we are offering the full article on Mark’s presentation here.  Mark also made available two handouts he authored for us to read: “The Myth of Freedom to Use Social Media Content” and “Copyright Guidance – Use of Materials from the Internet.”

Click here for the full article on Artists’ Legal Rights

Click here for “The Myth of Freedom to Use Social Media Content

Click here for “Copyright Guidance – Use of Materials from the Internet”

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