Photos from Tom Lynch’s Demo

We thought you would enjoy some photos taken at Tom Lynch’s demo at the Maria Center on Tuesday evening, April 14th.  It was a fantastic mini class and demo.  He took paintings supplied by our members and showed us how they could be taken from “nice” to WOW by finding and emphasizing their focal points.  Lynch feels a strong focal point is a must for a good composition.

Lynch’s Set Up
One of Tom Lynch’s Landscapes He Improved While We Watched
Checking Out the Transformations of Member’s Artwork
Marveling at Members’ Artwork After Lynch Reworked Them
Landscape Lynch Reworked and Cut in Half, 
Making Two Paintings
with Strong Focal Points
Old Car Lynch Reworked
Martini Glass Lynch Reworked
Succulent Lynch Reworked
A Seaside Scene Lynch Reworked
I’m sorry we didn’t get photos of the members paintings before Lynch reworked them.  They were very “nice” paintings, but Lynch transformed them into WOW paintings primarily by enhancing their focal points and then applying other elements of good design.

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