Taking Art to the Seniors

Diane Leszcz, Jeanne Thomas and Mary Ellen Maender (all members of the SLWS) began volunteering at area senior centers recently, conducting hour long classes with interested resident seniors.  The volunteers provide  the supplies: watercolor paper with designs drawn on them, watercolor paints and brushes.  Each senior chooses a design on a 10 x 12 inch piece of watercolor paper and with watercolor paint, brushes and a little help, creates a masterpiece!  The volunteers slip each finished painting into an 11 x 14 inch mat and everyone is delighted to see their finished piece.

The pride of accomplishment, the joy, the giggles and sparkle in the eyes of those who attend is totally rewarding for the volunteers.  The most frequently asked question is, “When are you coming again?”

Other members of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society have heard about this project and are thinking about also volunteering. Any questions or to donate art supplies, please call Diane Leszcz at (636) 349-2272. 

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