Daven Anderson Winter classes

Member Daven Anderson will be conducting these waterclasses this winter.

Artists, Students and Future Students:

First of all I wish all of you a wonderful holiday, 
a very Merry Christmas filled with much happiness, 
good health, great family and wonderful friends.  
Kathie and I also wish you all a 2014 filled many 
blessings - and that you all split the Mega Millions 
prize that reached $550M today.  We hope to see all of 
you in January.

My January, February and March class schedules are 
on my web site -  

Remember that no one loses class time. If for any 
reason you are unable to attend one or more classes, 
they can be made up at any time.  Attendees can also 
leave their materials; paper, brushes, paints, etc. 
in the studio between classes. There is no need to 
lug them back and forth if you don't wish to.  As 
well, I have an 'open studio' policy for current 
students.  Current students may come and paint in 
the studio most Saturdays and occasionally other days 
as well at no additional fee.  Although there is no 
formal teaching program those days,help is given and 
questions are answered.  I have even demo'd some on the 
'open studio' days.

In brief, the schedule for both days and evenings 
begins the second week of January - evenings on 
Tuesdays and Thursdays - and days on Thursdays and 
Fridays. The day schedule includes lunch. The evening 
schedule includes wine.  

I look forward to seeing you and hope that Santa 
graces all of you with many tubes and brushes - and, 
most importantly, with the time to put them to good 

Warmest regards,

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