Art Interpreted at St. Peters Cultural Arts Center

Hello everyone.

As you know, children’s art has inspired parents, grandparents, caregivers and others for ages. Their focus is far and wide – from round circles with dots for eyes to horses to rainbows. No matter what they create, our youth will be the inspiration for this exhibit.
 Target has awarded St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre with a grant to fund Art Interpreted–a collaboration between the art of youth and adults.
Jan. 23-30
There is no charge for this activity.

Adult artists, you are invited between Jan. 23-30 to come to the Centre and select one of these pieces of art created by a child to reinterpret it in your own style.  For your convenience, the
children’s art pieces are also  available for download from this web page in pdf format
Note: More than one adult artist may interpret a youth piece. Also, adult artists may select more than one youth piece to interpret.
BEFORE BEGINNING YOUR ART INTERPRETATION, please let Cultural Arts Centre staff know which youth piece(s) you will be using as your inspiration for your own piece(s) of art. You may stop by the Centre, call 636.397.6903 or click this link to email the Arts Centre. Be sure to include your name and the number(s) of the youth piece(s) that have inspired you. The numbers are found in the bottom right-hand corner of the youth artwork.
The piece you choose is your inspiration, a child’s concept as seen through the mind and eye of an adult. Create your work as an adult, not as if you were a child. The piece should be distinctly yours. We will also ask that you provide a statement that includes why you chose the piece you did to interpret.
I hope you all choose to be a part of this amazing opportunity.

Cynthia A. DuBois
Arts Leader
St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre

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