C.J.Muggs, Schedule & Themes 2012 – 2013

C.J.Muggs,  Schedule & Themes 2012 – 2013
Saint Louis Watercolor Society
Any SLWS member in good standing may exhibit work at C.J. Muggs in Webster Groves.  Paintings must be matted with an off white or white mat, framed under plexi – glass, and wired for hanging. Please note the SLWS Exhibit Rules and regulations in the SLWS Membership Directory.
Artists are responsible for the pick up and delivery of their paintings.  Dates are planned so that the receiving and pick – up times (third Tueday night 9 P.M. – 10 P.M. and third Wednesday morning 9 A.M. – 10 A.M.) are convenient for the restaurant’s business and SLWS meeting times.
Artists are able to sell their work.  The restaurant does not take a commission and does not serve as a business agent for the exhibiting artists.  Each artist’s relationship with the restaurant and the Saint Louis Watercolor Society is a relationship of trust. Paintings must remain hanging for the duration of the scheduled exhibit. (If a painting is sold before the exhibit is switched out, the artist is responsible for replacing it with a comparable painting or waiting until the exhibit concludes before delivering it to the buyer.)
The Exhibit Chairman is responsible for contacting the restaurant management prior to the switch out times. The CJ Muggs contact persons are Joe or Sam Cral, phone 963 1976. The chairman also provides sign in sheets, entry forms, tolls necessary for hanging the exhibit.
Exhibit Chairman: Barbara Martin Smith
Call 314 961 6047 or email: studio@ watercolorsmith.com with questions.
Exhibit Committee:
Ø       Dick Bacon 314 578 5362
Ø       Mary Elsner, 314 962 2356
Ø       Beth Gygax 314 918 7103
Ø       Betty Siems 314 892 8416
Ø       Barbara Shaffer 314 432 4317
Ø       Jeanne Thomas 314 892 4882
Ø       Patricia Wittman 314 727 5820
Ø       Elizabeth Young 314 821 6193
2012 January17th/18th – April 17th/18th       Technicolor Dreams
2012 April 17/18 – July 17/18                           Landscape Truths
2012 July 17/18 – October 16/17                     Up Close & Personal
2012 October 16/17 – 2013 January 15/16     Secret Painting Places
2013 January 15/16 – April 16/17                    The Ultimate Quest

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